Link Vault for Craft 2

Link Vault allows you to protect your local and external Assets download links, track all downloads and track leech attempts.

The Craft 3 version of Link Vault is sold through the Craft Plugin Store, or available directly within your Craft 3 control panel. You can read the docs for the Craft 3 version on Github.

If you need a Craft 2 version, buy a Craft 3 license and contact us and we'll email you the Craft 2 files.

{# Example 1: Passing an AssetFileModel instance. #}
{% for download in entry.downloadableAssets %}
    <a href="{{ craft.linkVault.downloadURL(download) }}" >Download This</a>
{% endfor %}

{# Example 2: Passing a system path. #}
{% for download in entry.downloadableAssets %}
    {% set basePath = craft.config.environmentVariables.basePath %}
    {% set fileFolder = '/'~download.source.settings['path']~download.getFolder().path %}
	{% set filePath = basePath ~ fileFolder ~ download.filename %}
    <a href="{{ craft.linkVault.downloadURL(filePath) }}" >Download This</a>
{% endfor %}


For support, contact

Installation & Updating

To install Link Vault, place the linkvault directory into your craft/plugins/ directory. From the control panel, navigate to the plugins settings screen and click the Install link in the Link Vault row.


  • Craft 2.6+