Testimonials and Kind Words

No amount of talking about ourselves can match what happy clients can say, so we'll let them share their experience working with Masuga Design.

Masuga Design have been long-time partners and brilliant innovators, working within constraints and with many stakeholders to build a fast, considered website made to last. Thanks to Ryan and his team for helping us build a better bridge to our fans!

Chris Ross - Image Comics Chris Ross, Director of Digital Sales, Image Comics

We appreciate everything Masuga Design has done - we can certainly see the effects they've had. Our site is screaming fast. We’ve been very impressed with what they've done to fix our website and the issues we’ve faced.

Larry Leete - Montisa Larry Leete, COO, Montisa

The team at Masuga Design has been great to work with! We needed to refresh our website with a more modern design, new brand identity, and updated navigation while ensuring that our site design aligned with the look and feel of our sister company’s site. The Masuga Design team was able to deliver on all the objectives in just a few months, even with the challenge of working with an older content management system. We are very pleased with the results, and look forward to continuing to work with Masuga Design!

Katie Catalogna - American Science & Engineering, Inc. Katie Catalogna, Marketing Manager, American Science & Engineering, Inc.

Masuga Design made our website much faster and my life much easier. They cleaned up our Craft setup, improved our SEO management, and dramatically simplified our update process.

Just as importantly, they're great to work with. Ryan's communication is always thorough and thoughtful. They're invested in helping us make good decisions and succeed.

Lisa Tjapkes - Atomic Object Lisa Tjapkes, Marketing Manager, Atomic Object

From start to finish, the team at Masuga Design was on it. Easily one of the best experiences I've had with a development team. Despite some last-minute curveballs thrown their way, Ryan and his team rallied and the launch could not have gone any smoother.

T.M. Camp - Williams Group T.M. Camp, Project Manager, Williams Group

I appreciate all the things your team has brought to the table for us in making things better and not just 'doing the job.'

Tracy Fahselt - AHC+Hospitality Tracy Fahselt, Digital Marketing Manager, AHC+Hospitality

We had an extremely out of date ExpressionEngine site, and had been painstakingly trying to rebuild and update the site. The functionality was horrible, and the look was dated. Our site was so old that we couldn’t find a place to host it. Masuga Design took great care of us and found a place for our site while the rebuild happened.

Working with Masuga Design is the best decision we could have made. After my first discussion with Ryan I knew that this would be the right fit. They not only listen, they are invested in the project, ask great questions and work with you to find the most efficient solution.

There is a relationship between mediatechnologies and Masuga Design. We understand each other and work well together in creating a site that functions as nicely as it looks. There were many developers to choose from, but the strategic planning and ideas that Masuga Design brought to the table were superior. Having a liaison between the two companies that understands the background work and works on the build with the team was extremely helpful. It was clear that Ryan wanted our ideas to work and his extensive background in development allowed him to problem solve along with us and help us achieve the end result.

In the past at other companies I would wait days or sometimes a week before I could get a response. The team at Masuga Design has always responded to any questions or issues in a timely manner. The first time I had a question, it was answered within an hour! I can tell you how wonderful they are on the grand scale of things, but for me, it’s the little things like response time that stand out.

With Masuga Design the customer is important! I would recommend Masuga Design to anyone looking to have anything website related done.

Joyce Degen - mediatechnologies Joyce Degen, Creative Director, mediatechnologies

I can't thank you enough for your patience, hard work, and all the problem solving. Working with you has been an absolute pleasure. It is rare that you find a company with the response time as quick as we experienced. I am so fortunate to have met you and your team. Thanks!

Kathy Schmitt - Experience Real Estate Kathy Schmitt, Owner, Experience Real Estate

Masuga Design was very easy to work with, incredibly responsive, and brought our vision to life. We are lucky to have found them.

Greg Collins - Kercsmar & Feltus Greg Collins, Partner, Kercsmar & Feltus

We’ve worked with Masuga Design on a number of sites. They’re always great to work with. They take the time to understand what we need and make suggestions that help our projects end up better than we expected.

Dan Wisniewski - Waterfall Productions Dan Wisniewski, Controller, Waterfall Productions

We're not looking for someone to just hire, to just build sites. We're looking for someone to talk to us about the sites and help us come up with solutions that are smart. Masuga is that extension of us.

The number one thing that we like about Masuga Design is that they help think through things with us. There's a relationship. We can get on the phone and talk, and they're part of the solution.

We come to Masuga because they are experts at what they do, and aren’t just “doers.” They actually stop and say, "Well, why are we doing this?" which I think in the end actually saves time. Masuga helps us come up with solutions for complex problems. “Well, here's what the client wants to achieve, we have no idea how to do that, what do you think?" That's what we need. Masuga is a partner that is a thinker and a doer with us.

Masuga's custom add-ons have allowed our clients to save manpower within their organization, because they need things to be automated. There are other developers out there. They’re a dime a dozen. We look to Masuga as our strategic partner for development. They help us come up with solutions that are smart.

If someone came to me and said, "We have to build a complex site...," I'd say, "Oh, totally call these guys.” Masuga Design are the first people we would think about.

Tracey Kavanagh - Digital Lion Marketing Tracey Kavanagh, Principal, Digital Lion Marketing

Masuga did a great job of taking my ideas and making them look very professional. This was my first website, and I'm glad I found Masuga. They were easy to work with and did what they said they would do. My website loads smoothly on all types of browsers and devices, and has received many compliments from clients and friends.

—Marty V., Owner, Northport Security

Finding Masuga Design was a breakthrough for our business. They have the technical chops of the largest shops, but offer personal service. Project management and scheduling are easy. They thoroughly QC everything before they send it back.

Their sense of responsibility to their clients goes way beyond what I’ve experienced with other EE firms. Working with Masuga has been a night and day difference between working with a much-better known EE shop.

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship with a technical partner you can trust, I don’t think you can do better.

Bob Kaufman - Alaska.org Bob Kaufman, Founder, Alaska.org

I get a little queasy when I think about where we would be if we hadn’t found Masuga Design. We came to them with a complicated problem that was hurting our productivity, and they solved it for us.

They customized reports that saved us from having to manually enter information from our online store into our member database, freeing up precious staff time for other pressing demands.

From the get-go, Ryan and the team were clearly interested in understanding our organization, asked smart questions, and delivered exactly what they promised. My only regret is that we didn’t find them sooner.

—Jessica Feeley, Editor & Special Projects, DMRF

Masuga Design is a great strategic partner—they’re magic. Their knowledge of ExpressionEngine is invaluable, and takes our design and user experience to a new level.

I don't know how we could offer a CMS solution for our clients without Masuga Design. Their fusion of design, content management and experience is unmatched.

Chris Converse - Codify Design Studio Chris Converse, Partner; Codify Design Studio

Since working with Masuga Design, we’ve never looked back. These guys are truly awesome.

Amy Palmer - Digital Lion Marketing Amy Palmer, Principal, Managing Partner; Digital Lion Marketing

We had a really good experience working with you and your team. Thanks again for your outstanding work.

Jeff Lowe - JESS3 Jeff Lowe, Director of Technology & Operations, JESS3

We hired Masuga to build a newly redesigned site, a complete and extensive overhaul, in ExpressionEngine.

Throughout the entire process, I remained incredibly impressed at their obvious expertise in ExpressionEngine and their ability to logically and creatively implement the multitude of features we were building into the site. During the development phase Masuga repeatedly proved to be some of the most reliable and conscientious developers I've ever dealt with.

Masuga never shied away from going the extra mile for us, implementing various extensions and add-ons we hadn't realized existed. They took the time to train us well in this new version of EE, and I'm impressed daily as I negotiate the various solutions integrated into the system -- they truly helped us harness the power of that content management system.

Masuga proved to have a great deal of integrity, was incredibly reliable and always a pleasure to work with.

Valerie Conners - Travel Channel/World Hum Valerie Conners, Travel Channel/World Hum

Masuga Design provided a complete website that allows for content management by my company including text and images through a web-based admin interface. The project included design, template construction and set-up of a Content Management System as well as population of website content. 

The result of this collaboration is a beautiful, highly functional website, a domain and hosting. The website maintenance and updating has proven to be very manageable and highly intuitive for me and my staff. Masuga Design supplied us with video tutorials that lead us through all of the procedures necessary to keep the content and images fresh and current on the website.

We then hired Masuga Design to develop sales promotion pages to drive holiday-specific sales to targeted markets. These pages are easily modified and maintained by my staff, and they generated an enormous response which tripled prior years' direct email promotions, and generated great sales.

I have found that the website has been a remarkable tool for establishing credibility in my markets as well as an effective tool to driving sales. I highly recommend Masuga Design to develop an outstanding website to promote your business and drive sales.

Tucker Sweitzer - Chrysalis Designs Tucker Sweitzer, Owner, Chrysalis Designs

Masuga was hired by our company to manage web development efforts for a high-profile client. Masuga is reliable, flexible, experts in their field, and most importantly a pleasure to work with. They always managed to accommodate our most challenging requests. I highly recommend Masuga Design for any of your web development projects!

Katie Vinson - GSI Commerce (now eBay Enterprise) Katie Vinson, Interactive Project Manager, GSI Commerce (now eBay Enterprise)

Give Masuga your project now! Masuga Design is so passionate about what they do, that it's borderline obsession. They are very knowledgeable, easy to work with and will stop at nothing to solve a problem.

Jason Clewell - Concentric Marketing Jason Clewell, Creative/Interactive Director; Concentric Marketing

If you're looking for someone who is talented, creative, focuses on the details, and has a great work ethic, I would definitely recommend Masuga. Their portfolio speaks loudly, but it's backed up by their obvious passion for helping clients succeed.

Jay Jones - AccuTask Jay Jones, Design Consultant, AccuTask