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Scene-Stealing Websites: Where Your Media Takes Center Stage

Entertainment thrives on effective media distribution. Masuga can amplify your media reach, transforming your site into a distribution powerhouse that keeps audiences riveted.

In the realm of entertainment, media companies and publishers consistently encounter the challenge of efficient content distribution. Websites in this sector often juggle a myriad of issues, from platform compatibility to user engagement. At Masuga, we've carved a niche in navigating these digital dilemmas. With a steadfast customer-centric approach, we've transformed the way entertainment entities distribute content, ensuring their digital presence seamlessly resonates with their target audience.

Common Issues

Stale Content Syndrome

In the entertainment industry, content is king, but it's easy for it to grow stale. We've all been on an entertainment site that feels like yesterday's news. Our digital strategy dives deep into understanding your audience's preferences and continuously updates content that's in sync with current trends. With Masuga's design expertise, we'll create visually stunning interfaces that present your content in the most engaging way possible.

Navigational Nightmares

Ever tried finding a specific show, video, or event detail and felt like you're trapped in a digital maze? A website that’s hard to navigate can mean a lost visitor, affiliate, or advertiser. At Masuga, we prioritize user experience. Through our iterative development process, we ensure smooth, intuitive navigation tailored to the unique needs of the entertainment sphere.

Slow Load Times

A three-second delay in website loading can lead to over half your visitors bouncing. And in entertainment, where media-heavy content is the norm, this is a real challenge. Masuga employs state-of-the-art development techniques to optimize your media without compromising on quality, ensuring lightning-fast load times.

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Entertainment & Media Projects

The Image Comics website built by Masuga

Image Comics

Measurable differences for the third largest publisher of comics and graphic novels in the world.

  • Improved page load time by 47%
  • Increased online sales by 48%
  • Custom Airtable integration saves hours of manual entry
A+E Networks Affiliate website built by Masuga

A+E Networks

An affiliate site for A+E Networks to handle media distribution of thousands of assets for their entire schedule of shows.

FOX Networks Info Affiliate website built by Masuga

FOX Networks Info

An affiliate site for FOX Networks to handle complex media distribution. Hundreds to thousands of images a day were added or taken down based on network schedules. Content was distributed based on user roles and permission levels.

We've Got Entertainment Experience

We have nearly two decades of experience planning, designing, and developing successful web projects of all sizes. We worked on many projects in the entertainment space:

  • AMC Networks
  • Amway Center
  • Country Music Hall of Fame
  • FOX Networks
  • FX Networks
  • Game Show Network
  • NFL Networks
  • Ovation Network
  • Sinclair Networks
  • Tennis Media
  • TV One Network
  • Univision Networks
  • Warner Bros. Discovery

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