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Image Comics

Masuga Design - Image Comics

Image Comics is the third largest publisher of comics and graphic novels in the world. We migrated their site to a modern CMS and vastly improved their internal efficiency by integrating Craft and Airtable.

The Project

The Image Comics website was running on an inefficient codebase and an outdated server causing long page loads, which directly impacted sales. They initially came to Masuga Design looking for an ExpressionEngine Rescue, which over time became a redesign and rebuild.


Initially, we completely re-optimized the codebase and helped Image Comics:

  • Improve page load times by 47%
  • Increase online sales by 48%
  • Improve the structure and efficiency of the Control Panel
  • Improve internal efficiency and reporting by writing custom queries and reports

In 2015, we helped with a complete visual overhaul, and rebuilt the site on a leaner, more modular CSS system.

A couple years later we migrated the site to Craft CMS from the older ExpressionEngine. During that migration, we developed a tight integration with Airtable, where the bulk of their content is managed by multiple stakeholders.

The Airtable integration syncs all the newest content to the website from Airtable with the click of a button, allowing Image to keep the permissions and workflow related to content approval in Airtable, and saving them countless hours of duplicating data with manual re-entry in the CMS control panel.

Masuga Design Web Development Testimonial &mdash Chris Ross

Masuga Design are long-time partners and brilliant innovators. They built a fast, considered website made to last. Thanks to the team for helping us build a better bridge to our fans!

Chris Ross
Director of Digital Sales, Image Comics

Project Roles

  • ExpressionEngine to Craft CMS migration
  • Custom query and reporting work
  • Integration with Airtable
  • Responsive front-end Development
  • Consulting, ongoing support and maintenance
  • Hosting and server admin

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We repaired a broken website, improved SEO and the user experience, made it easy for the marketing team to efficiently create and publish content, and doubled mobile speed.

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