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Best Practices for HTML Background Video Optimization

Ryan Masuga  ·  Feb 24, 2022  ·  7 minute read

Background videos are a website staple and can make a positive impact on users, but are often not fully optimized. This post covers the main aspects of optimizing background videos.

Converting Foundation's Grid to Tailwind

David Musk  ·  Nov 1, 2021  ·  6 minute read

Here's how we converted our own site from Foundation to Tailwind, along with a cheat sheet to help you do the same.

Using Vue.js with Server Rendered Form Input Values

Catherine K.  ·  Sep 10, 2021  ·  4 minute read

Vue.js is great for interactive forms, and updating page contents based on user interaction with a form. But Vue.js isn't so great for forms with input values already rendered from the server. We'll look at how to get around that roadblock.

Craft CMS and Laravel Mix

Catherine K.  ·  Jul 7, 2021  ·  13 minute read

We updated our build process for Craft CMS websites from a difficult to maintain Gulp process to one that uses Laravel Mix, which is easier for us to maintain, and more easily allows us to do advanced optimization.

Creating a Flexbox Sticky Footer with Tailwind

David Musk  ·  Mar 19, 2021  ·  2 minute read

With Tailwind CSS utility classes, making a flexbox sticky footer is easier than ever.

6 CSS Selectors That Will Save You Time and Markup

David Musk  ·  Nov 25, 2020  ·  6 minute read

Here are six lesser-known CSS selectors we've used to help our clients in the past year. These aren't fancy, experimental features that only work on the latest browsers. Instead, they're practical tools you can start using today.

Creating a Sticky Footer with Flexbox

David Musk  ·  Mar 11, 2016  ·  2 minute read

Getting a footer to stick to the bottom of the page with CSS can be problematic. Flexbox is a modern solution for creating sticky footers with variable height.