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Masuga Design  - Rigetti Quantum Computing

We repaired a broken website, improved SEO and the user experience, made it easy for the marketing team to efficiently create and publish content, and doubled mobile speed.

The Project

Rigetti had hired a firm that knew more about spouting industry buzzwords than building a performant, easy to use website. They were left with a site that was almost entirely broken, including a completely non-functional SEO module, and content entry was nearly impossible.

Rigetti also needed to re-configure the interactive elements of the homepage, which were making the user experience difficult.


We initially performed a complete site audit and determined that with some refactoring, Rigetti could keep the existing CMS (Craft CMS). We needed to re-code the front-end templates, and modify the way some content was stored.

Working on the templates, we used a lightweight CSS framework (Tailwind CSS) that allowed us to quickly rebuild the front end of the site with a much simpler setup. At the same time, we revamped the content in the CMS to allow the editors more flexibility to build out their pages with modular content blocks.

We then rebuilt the homepage "animation" so that it would not hijack a user's ability to scroll and "trap" the user on the page.

Project Roles

  • Craft CMS development
  • Responsive front-end development (Tailwind CSS)
  • API integration gathers and displays data from their quantum servers
  • Consulting, ongoing support and maintenance

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