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Improving Google Page Experience With Core Web Vitals

Ryan Masuga  ·  Aug 31, 2021  ·  12 minute read

Overall website performance has always been important but after Google's Page Experience updates in 2021, it's more important than ever. Improving your site's Core Web Vitals can drastically improve the page experience for your site visitors.

Categories:  Google

Craft CMS and Laravel Mix

Catherine K.  ·  Jul 7, 2021  ·  13 minute read

We updated our build process for Craft CMS websites from a difficult to maintain Gulp process to one that uses Laravel Mix, which is easier for us to maintain, and more easily allows us to do advanced optimization.

Categories:  Development

Organizing Assets in Craft CMS [New Video]

Catherine K.  ·  Jun 3, 2021  ·  1 minute read

Effective file management and organization is an often-overlooked feature of a content management system. Doing it right helps with everything from boosting SEO to saving server space. Our video demonstrates how to organize assets in Craft CMS.

Categories:  Craft CMS

Converting Google Maps to Mapbox

Catherine K.  ·  May 27, 2021 (Updated May 24, 2022)  ·  5 minute read

If your website has a Google Map on it that hasn't been touched in years, there's a pretty good chance that it doesn't work anymore. If your Google Map no longer works because you don't have a valid billing account, or if you want a unique (less expensive) map solution, consider switching to Mapbox! In this post, we'll show you how we did it on our own site.

Categories:  Mapbox

Google Analytics Alternatives For Better Privacy

Ryan Masuga  ·  Apr 30, 2021 (Updated Apr 29, 2023)  ·  4 minute read

User privacy is a growing concern on the web. Websites using Google Analytics to track user behavior contribute to the privacy problem, but there are many privacy-focused web analytics alternatives to use instead.

Creating a Flexbox Sticky Footer with Tailwind

David Musk  ·  Mar 19, 2021  ·  2 minute read

With Tailwind CSS utility classes, making a flexbox sticky footer is easier than ever.

Categories:  Development

Saved Filters Functionality for CP Filters Out Now

Catherine K.  ·  Feb 2, 2021  ·  2 minute read

The latest update to our CP Filters plugin is the ability to save sets of filters, and this update is out now!

Categories:  Craft CMS

The Ultimate Craft CMS vs. WordPress Guide

Ryan Masuga  ·  Jan 27, 2021 (Updated Feb 5, 2024)  ·  12 minute read

Craft CMS and WordPress are often brought up in comparisons for projects of certain size and scope. You might be considering one or the other for your next web project, either for your own company or for a client project. This is our comparison, based around points that impact our own client projects.

Categories:  Craft CMS

6 CSS Selectors That Will Save You Time and Markup

David Musk  ·  Nov 25, 2020  ·  6 minute read

Here are six lesser-known CSS selectors we've used to help our clients in the past year. These aren't fancy, experimental features that only work on the latest browsers. Instead, they're practical tools you can start using today.

Categories:  Development

Introducing the CP Filters Plugin for Craft CMS

Ryan Masuga  ·  Oct 28, 2020  ·  2 minute read

Craft CMS 3 has no native way to filter content by multiple criteria in the control panel, so we developed CP Filters to add advanced filtering for entries, assets, categories, users, and tags in the control panel.

Categories:  Craft CMS