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Custom Development Services For Your Shopify Store

Go far beyond the limitations of the Shopify platform and build a solution that makes your store stand out.

Shopify is a theme-based, hosted eCommerce product powering millions of online stores, but you don't need to stick with a "one size fits all" solution. When you need to take things to a new level to solve your unique business problems, custom Shopify development is the answer.

Custom Shopify development opens up possibilities for new features, integrations, and opportunities to streamline your business.

Custom Shopify development opens up possibilities for new features, integrations, and opportunities to streamline your business than are available out of the box with Shopify. You can truly make your online store your own, while presenting a completely branded, optimized experience to your customers.

Custom development may involve some or all of the following:

Customize Everything

Shopify solves a lot of problems in getting started with eCommerce, but it is possible to customize nearly every aspect of a Shopify store in order to better align it with your brand, business goals, and operational setup.

Custom store development can be as small and simple as customizing an existing store's individual elements, forms, cart pages, email collection, and so on - all the way up to completely new Shopify build.

Our Shopify Custom Development Process

There are four steps in our Shopify development process.

Step 1. Analysis

Reach out to us through our contact form and we'll schedule a time to talk with you about your current status and your desired future state. Do you already have a Shopify store, or are you looking to migrate to Shopify? Do you have design and brand issues, or internal operational problems? We'll use our initial discussion to inform how we approach Step 2.

Step 2. Discovery

Engagements usually start with a discovery phase, where we review your store (or need for one!) and put together recommendations for actionable results. The amount of time and effort needed for a discovery phase varies on the nature of what you need done, and the scope and scale of your current operation.

We'll develop a plan that contains a few options for solving the most pressing issues.

Step 3. Implementation

If you engage us to implement the development plan, we'll set up your project and start development during this step. Alternatively, we can consult with you, a member of your team, or an existing developer on how to execute our findings and suggestions.

Step 4. Follow Through and Maintenance

After the initial project has been completed, we'll establish what a working relationship could look like in order to help you maintain, improve upon, and grow your Shopify store.

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