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Masuga's Web Design & Development Process

Masuga's web design and development process transforms your digital goals into reality. We focus on a client-centric journey, from the intro call through the launch, ensuring a personalized and smooth experience. Let’s create an engaging, effective website that empowers you to tell your story, your way.

We understand that buying web services can be confusing and difficult. Our goal is to save you time, so we wrote out our process and a number of frequently asked questions.

Project Process

Projects vary in scope and complexity, but they all have similar phases:

Step 1: Intro Call

We first have a brief call to see if we're a good fit. If it makes sense for both of us, we'll schedule a Discovery project.

Step 2: Discovery

You might think you know what you need, but Discovery will often raise questions you hadn't considered. This phase usually involves an in-depth call, an audit of your existing site, and a follow-up call.

Step 3: Scope and timeline agreement

Step 4: Strategy and Information Architecture

Step 5: User Experience Design (UI)

Step 6: User Interface & Visual Design (UI)

Step 7: Development

Step 8: Testing, QA and launch

Step 9: Iteration and ongoing support


The average project takes 12-16 weeks to complete. Smaller sites can be done in 6-8 weeks. We've even worked on projects that have taken over a year to finish! Much depends on scope and complexity. 

Most web projects start around $20,000, and we work on a retainer basis for ongoing commitments.

In every case, from small microsite to the largest marketing site, our approach is customer-centric - focused around you.

We'd love to know if we can help you. Look at our work, and if you're ready, schedule a discovery call.

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Masuga is one of the most professional and talented web agencies I've worked with. They are experts in web development, very collaborative, and engaged. Knowing that I can rely on Masuga makes my job easier.

Rebecca M.
Senior Marketing and Comm. Manager, Rigetti Computing