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Masuga’s Expensive Mistake: Our HubSpot Inbound Marketing Experiment (Part 1)

Ryan Masuga  ·  Sep 8, 2016  ·  7 minute read

In Part 1 of our HubSpot Inbound Marketing Experiment, I explain our decision to go all-in on HubSpot and the idea of inbound marketing to help our early 2016 revenue woes.

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A Perfect Lull: What We Learned From An Extended Lean Time

Ryan Masuga  ·  Apr 21, 2016 (Updated Jun 24, 2021)  ·  10 minute read

Operating a small business can be difficult and unpredictable, with peaks and valleys that result in lean times. Over the past several months, we experienced a "perfect lull" in client work. Recognizing that we had a problem, we took four measures to fix it so that an extended lull in new work wouldn't jeopardize the business ever again.

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Masuga Design Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Ryan Masuga  ·  Apr 1, 2016 (Updated May 19, 2021)  ·  2 minute read

On April 1, 2016, Masuga Design celebrates 10 years of website and application development. We're ready to kick off the next 10 years by moving to a new space in May, and in continuing to provide value for our clients. Let's keep rolling!

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Creating a Sticky Footer with Flexbox

David Musk  ·  Mar 11, 2016  ·  2 minute read

Getting a footer to stick to the bottom of the page with CSS can be problematic. Flexbox is a modern solution for creating sticky footers with variable height.

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