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Google Wall: Presidential Debates Slideshow

Masuga Design - Google Elections

We developed multiple slideshows for Google Elections, displayed on site at the 2012 presidential debates for interaction on two large 65" touchscreens.

ExpressionEngine-based slideshow for democratic presidential debates

ExpressionEngine-based slideshow at the presidential debates, on large touchscreens.

The Project

We were honored to create dynamic slideshows for Google Elections, for use in the 2012 Democratic presidential debates.


We developed the ability to create multiple slideshows for display and interaction on two large 65" touchscreens using ExpressionEngine and JavaScript.

The presenter could swipe the screen with their hands to navigate through the slides, and could also access a hidden menu to switch slide sets, use drawing tools to draw on any slide with their fingers, or scroll through and jump to any other slide.

Slideshows could be added on the fly, and slides could be inserted into the slide decks with new information even if the presenter was in the middle of a demonstration.

We were able to execute this project on a very tight deadline.

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We had a really good experience working with you and your team. Thanks again for your outstanding work.

Jeff Lowe
Director of Technology & Operations, JESS3

Project Roles

  • ExpressionEngine development
  • Custom JavaScript

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