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Support & Maintenance

A website is never finished. To get the most out of your investment, you need to regularly optimize, maintain, and improve it.

A website can greatly benefit from regular updates and attention to keep it running smoothly and securely so it can continue to be an effective and valuable tool.

A lot can change in the digital space in a couple years, from server architecture, to software updates, to accepted ways of doing any given thing.

Outdated sites make quoting and working on them harder than it needs to be for all involved.

Why are regular site updates important?

Bugs & Security

Bug Fixes - A website is a permanent work in progress. The more complex the site, the more potential points of failure. Realize that there is no such thing as bug-free software, and that the more recent your software is, the easier it is to debug issues.

Security - Code is regularly patched and improved. Your site should be as secure as possible. Why run the risk of someone compromising your site with a SQL injection attack that could have been prevented with a system update?

Sunset Software Scenarios - Some software reaches end of life, or moves to a new version that may not be fully compatible with your current website, making the upgrade path less than ideal. The more up-to-date you are, the easier it is to make decisions about how to handle your site going forward.

Speed & Compatibility

Site Speed - New code is almost always faster, and can take advantage of newer servers running faster software.

Development Efficiency - We can work on your site faster, because we know you’re on a recent codebase. Also, if we have to work with a third-party developer on a plugin or module for your site, they also know we’re dealing with the latest version of the code. The more frequently your site is updated, the less time it takes us to work through updates or develop new features.

Compatibility - Servers and code languages are always improving and evolving. If your site gets too old, you will start to see errors. Worst case (which we've seen) is that a site is so old that it is actually hard to find a server that will run it. This is easily avoided! Do not let this happen to you.

Features & Engagement

New Features - Utilize the latest features and functionality that are available in the system, and from third party developers. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could do X?” has a better chance of being answered in the affirmative when you’re using current software.

Engagement. We are interested in your success. If we are working your site every month - we’re engaged and involved with you and your property. We’re here to help. We don’t want to be "drive-by developers" that are in contact with you only once every year...or less.

For far less than the cost of a single developer you can have our whole team on board and leverage our expertise!

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