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Masuga Design has years of Craft CMS development experience. Our skill at content management coupled with Craft's flexibility ensures your project gets done to spec.

Masuga Design and Craft CMS

We've developed with Craft CMS for over 5 years, and it's our go-to content management system for new projects. Masuga Design is an official Craft CMS Partner.

We can get up and running quickly, and can do more out of the box than we’ve been able to do with other systems. In short: Craft is a great tool and we know how to use it.

In 2017, we published The Guide to Craft CMS Development—a 165 page book on our process for developing Craft-driven sites using Git version control.

Websites We've Developed With Craft

Following are details about three of our most recent sites built using Craft CMS.

Democracy Fund Voter Study Group

Voter Study Group

We utilized Craft's Matrix field type to construct a “content builder” so the content editors could translate very long printed reports into flexible, similarly-styled entries online. No more jamming all the content one has into a single text field and hoping for the best. We built in dozens of block types and options including figures, pull-quotes, variously styled text fields, video blocks, lists, and so on. Using block types allowed us to create a dynamic table of contents for each report as well. The content editors have an exceptional amount of control over how their content appears online.

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We first imported many thousands of entries from their old CMS into Craft, and made improvements to the way they edit their content. Then we constructed a similar “content builder” to the Voter Study site, allowing the content editors to create new pages and style them as they see fit. We developed custom "Project Board" functionality which allows users to save products and fabrics to different boards to help plan for their large projects. Admins are emailed details about board creation and activity on a schedule.

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Peter Island Resort & Spa

Peter Island Resort & Spa

Again we migrated all content from their older CMS into Craft while simultaneously simplifying and streamlining how that content is stored. Stop me if you've heard this one twice already, but we included a “content builder” for admins to easily create pages with very different layouts. Any time they come up with a new layout idea that they can't do with their current blocks, we add it to the builder so that it is available to them on any pages they like.

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We also use Craft on our own site, the one you're reading right now. This very page was put together guessed it...a flexible content builder.

We Think You'll Like Using Craft. Here's a Couple Reasons Why.

You probably could care less about your content management system. Ideally, you don't want to think about it at all. You have a business to run, things to do. You just want to make a new page, or upload a new PDF. Get in, get out. We understand. That said, here are a couple things that will help ensure you can do just that.

Craft CMS Live Preview

Live Preview

Live preview is possibly the nicest of nice-to-haves for content managers. Users such as yourself can preview changes and watch the content update in real time, prior to saving the entry.

You can also share content that you're working on with anyone you wish by using a sharable preview URL. The live preview in Craft CMS is perhaps the best one we've seen.

Flexible Entry Layouts

Flexible Entry Layouts

Everything you need, and nothing you don't.

Who needs to see 50 fields every time they go in to edit an entry if 99% of those fields aren't used?

Craft helps us keep your content entry clean and sensible with custom field types. Each type of entry has just the fields it needs, in a common sense format based on the data in that field. Whether it's a simple FAQ channel with 2 fields, or a complex product channel with upwards of 30 fields, you see what you need based on what you're editing.

We always make sure to utilize custom field instructions so you'll never forget if a field is optional, what size an image should be, or where something shows up.

And there's more, such as flexible user permissions, built-in support for localization (multi-language), plugin APIs, and one of the easiest update methods we've ever used, which is critical for keeping your site up to date for security, speed, and new features.

Do You Need Help With Your Existing Craft Site?

Craft is only a tool. A great tool - but like any tool, in the wrong hands, the end experience can be frustrating. We know Craft CMS. Do you have a Craft site that you’re not happy with?

  • Slow pages?
  • Confusing back-end?
  • Unresponsive developers?

We have a track record of solving all three of those issues.

If you need help with your existing Craft site, contact us today. Let’s see if Masuga Design’s Craft CMS expertise can help you. You’ll be glad you did!

(Considering WordPress, too?)

Are you considering WordPress for your web project? Download our free Craft CMS vs. WordPress Comparison Guide to find out why Craft might be a better choice for you in the long run.

What Our Clients Say

  • Since working with Masuga Design, we’ve never looked back. These guys are truly awesome.

    Amy Palmer, Principal, Managing Partner; Digital Lion Marketing
  • Working with Masuga Design is the best decision we could have made. They are invested in the project, and ask great questions to find the most efficient solution.

    Joyce Degen, Creative Director, mediatechnologies
  • Masuga Design are long-time partners and brilliant innovators. Thanks to the team for building a fast, considered website made to last.

    Chris Ross, Director of Digital Sales, Image Comics

They're happy. You can be, too! Get in touch to see how we can help you succeed by leveraging our Craft CMS expertise. Contact us today.

The Guide to Craft CMS Development

Ryan Masuga's 165 page guide for developing Craft CMS projects and versioning them with Git. Level up your development game today!

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The Guide to Craft CMS Development