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Discontinuing CP Filters for Craft CMS Commercial Plugin Sales

Ryan Masuga Mar 28, 2024  ·  Updated Jul 24, 2024 Read time: 1 minute read
Masuga - Web Design Studio

We’ve discontinued CP Filters for Craft CMS 5. Lab Reports and Link Vault will be updated. We still use Craft, and want to focus on creating great websites for our clients.

We’ve decided not to update CP Filters for Craft CMS 5. It is one of our three commercial plugins for Craft that include:

Our only option is to mark the plugins as “Abandoned” in the Craft plugin store, which has since been changed to say "no longer maintained." However, these are not truly abandoned, as we will continue supporting people who bought a license for their Craft 3 or Craft 4 sites. Also, if you recently renewed your license we will support you through the duration of the renewal.

We marked CP Filters as Abandoned, updated the README file to explain that it is now a discontinued commercial plugin and should not be installed without a previously purchased license. We updated the Craft Plugin Store listing as well.

There is never a good time to do something like this. We’re sorry for any inconvenience; for us, the sales don’t justify the continued development, support, and re-writes for every major Craft release. Craft has continually improved its native filtering, so we don't see a real need for this plugin going forward.

We still use Craft to build incredible, easy-to-use websites for clients, and we want to focus on continuing to do that without the distraction of maintaining commercial plugins that have been rendered less valuable due to improvements to the core system. 

If you have a Craft website and are looking for an agency to help you maintain it, or you have a new project that would benefit from being on a flexible CMS, give us a shout, and let’s see if we can help! 

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