Williams Group

Masuga Design helped Williams Group with their own online home by developing a CMS-based site that provides much flexibility, particularly in the “Work” section. Portfolio entries have numerous display options and can be “built” with content blocks so that entries appear different from one another, better reflecting the particular highlights of the project.

Williams Group Gomasuga Work


  • ExpressionEngine Development
  • Front-end HTML/CSS/JS


Easily one of the best experiences I've had with a development team. The launch could not have gone any smoother.

The Williams Group site was aging when we were brought in to help develop their next iteration. Their site had an older, narrow look, wasn’t responsive for different devices, and it was too limiting when it came to showcasing their work. For this build we decided to use ExpressionEngine.

Content Flexibility. We put together a "content band builder" so the content editors could build out their work portfolio pages in any way they see fit, based on the project. We built numerous band types that allow them to customize each work entry as they see fit.

Optimization and SEO. We ensured that the content editors had full control over the meta information for each entry, including social share images, so that their entries look as good as possible when shared on various social networks.

Responsive Design. Their previous site was fixed width and not well represented on various devices. We rebuilt using a framework that helps the site look its best across devices.

Flexible Development, Project Management. This was very much a collaborative project. We worked with the Williams Group designers to make decisions early in the build process that helped head off problems later. They were able to see the site in progress as it was being built, so they could respond and react. We were able to change direction quickly when required. Decent project management helped the entire project run smoothly from start to finish.

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