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The Scripps Networks Interactive Partner Site is one of the most highly-customized ExpressionEngine builds we've ever done, with custom functionality at every turn. Most notably, we extended EE's default permissions to create very granular permissions based not only on user groups, but per-user.

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  • ExpressionEngine Development
  • HTML/CSS/JS Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Dynamic schedules built from XML feeds
  • Ongoing Maintenance


Since working with Masuga Design, we’ve never looked back. These guys are truly awesome.

The list of unique features on the Scripps partner site is long, because we spent a year putting this very custom site together, from the wireframes through the last line of Javascript.

The Scripps Networks Interactive Partner Site is an extensive resource site for partners to access images, logos, sales materials, and more. Partners submit information to earn rewards that they can redeem.

Very Granular Permissions. Some areas are restricted by user group, which ExpressionEngine can do very well out of the box, but we extended this functionality to limit certain entries to particular users.

Sub-sites. Each network has its own "sub-site" (similar to how multi-languages sites can be set up). Once in a sub-site, everything from the programming to the Twitter feeds to the downloadable assets is restricted to the selected network.

Dynamic Programming Grids From XML Feeds. A cron job runs that imports all the programming from the various networks to create dynamic programming grids that partners can page through.

Rewards Store. There is an e-commerce component that allows partners to spend credits. Like other assets throughout the site, items in the Rewards Store are limited by the custom permissions setup.

Briefcases. Custom collections of assets can be created and secure, expiring download links shared with users who are not members of the site.

Custom Notifications. Numerous automated notifications were established to let users know when items they've downloaded are expiring or have been updated.

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