Peter Island Resort & Spa

Masuga Design rebuilt the Peter Island site on a modern mobile-friendly framework, and migrated the existing site content from their old CMS to the new one. The client can create pages on the fly and has much more control over every aspect of their content layout. The updated site is much faster on mobile, and is seeing more pages viewed per visitor session.

Peter Island Resort Masuga Work


  • Craft CMS Development
  • Migration from Old CMS
  • Rebuild Front-end HTML/CSS
  • Vastly Improved SEO
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Responsive Design
  • Simplification of Editorial Experience


The Peter Island site was running on an outdated ExpressionEngine 2 codebase, and the content editors had a terrible time updating content due to the lack of organization in the CMS control panel. We built a more modern, responsive, and mobile-optimized version of the site on Craft CMS, and reorganized the content structure to simplify the content editing experience.

Content Flexibility and Improvements. We utilized Craft's Matrix field type to construct a “content builder” so the content editors can build out their pages in any way they see fit. They don’t have to stick all the content into a single text field and hope that the site doesn’t break. We built numerous block types and options including figures, pull-quotes, variously styled text fields, video blocks, lists, tables, maps, and more. The content editors have an exceptional amount of control over how their content appears online.

Optimization and SEO. We ensure that images are sized appropriately for mobile devices. All script and style files are minified, as well as the HTML itself. We ensured that the content editors had full control over the meta information for each entry, including social share images, so that their pages are represented in the best possible way when shared on various social networks.

Tracking Downloads. We utilize a custom plugin we developed (Link Vault) to protect downloadable files and to track those downloads for later reporting. A screen in the control panel allows administrators to review which files are being downloaded.

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