We took over this very large ExpressionEngine project and were tasked with optimization, cleanup, and new initiatives. We sped up page load times, added clearer documentation, and made large sections of the site that were previously loaded via AJAX directly linkable, increasing the number of indexable pages by many 1000's. We continue to consult and develop on this project.

Alaska Org Gomasuga Work


  • ExpressionEngine Development
  • HTML/CSS/JS Development
  • Consulting and Maintenance
  • Custom Reports
  • Complex Integration with Google Analytics


Finding Masuga Design was a breakthrough for our business. They have the technical chops of the largest shops, but offer personal service. Project management and scheduling are easy. They thoroughly QC everything before they send it back.

Their sense of responsibility to their clients goes way beyond what I’ve experienced with other EE firms. Working with Masuga has been a night and day difference between working with a much-better known EE shop.

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship with a technical partner you can trust, I don’t think you can do better. is a highly customized, vast, and high traffic site that had problems with speed and complex templates, and lack of documentation.

Taking over development on a site this size can be a daunting task, but after familiarizing ourselves with the extensive codebase and wrapping our heads around all the custom functionality, we were able to do the following:

Custom Reporting. We saved them countless hours when it comes time for them to run internal reports every year. Previously they had to run a large number of custom reports in Google Analytics one by one, but we automated that reporting and aggregated data, freeing them up to do other things.

Optimization. We ran large directories of images through optimizers, shaving off numerous megabytes from source images, which in turn saves processing time for add-ons like CE Image. We reduced embeds and extra queries at every turn, and simplified or eliminated CMS tags in areas where content didn't even need to be managed. Keep it simple!

Documentation. Clarity is important. When creating custom functionality, it's important to document what is going on and why. We went through custom add-ons and documented them. We also added instructions to fields in the control panel to help editors remember what they can put in fields, and where those fields appear on the site.

Security. We moved directories around and reorganized the root directory so that most of the core files are above webroot.

Project Management. In many ways more important than updating code, our response times and overall project management have gone beyond what they have previously experienced. Things move along, and we were able to finish unfinished functionality for the client–and improve upon it by making some common-sense suggestions.

Email Digests. We created custom email digests that are delivered daily that compile user submissions. These allows the client to expedite the process of helping people plan their trips to Alaska. Videos Area

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