A+E Networks Affiliates

We worked closely with a digital marketing agency to develop this affiliate partner site for A+E Networks, with a rewards store, custom user permissions, and integration with the agency's detailed tracking application.

Aenetworks Gomasuga Work


  • ExpressionEngine CMS Development
  • HTML/CSS/JS Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Third-party API Integration
  • Ongoing Maintenance


Since working with Masuga Design, we’ve never looked back. These guys are truly awesome.

Working with a digital marketing agency, we developed A+E Network's affiliate marketing site that includes a rewards store, custom user permissions and administration, and integration with the marketing agency's detailed tracking application.

3rd-party API Integration. The Rewards Store ties in with the marketing agency's custom CRM and reporting software via API endpoints. Every form submission, member registration, and rewards transaction is sent to this system.

Multi-Network Setup. Each network has its own "sub-site" (similar to how multi-languages sites can be set up). Once in a sub-site, everything from the programming to downloadable assets is restricted to the selected network.

Related Assets. Intelligently related assets are displayed based on shows and networks, to help users find the right downloadable network resources.

Tracking Downloads. We utilize custom add-ons we developed (Link Vault and Link Vault Zipper) to protect downloadable files and to track all the downloads. We created a custom reporting module with various filters (viewable on screen or as a downloadable CSV file) that allows administrators to know which files are being downloaded, and includes other custom information about each download.

Custom Member Administration and Reporting. We created a customized member status module, that has more detail and a flow that fits the client's workflow better than out-of-the-box member administration. We continue to refine this module based on client feedback pertaining to how they manage accounts.

Briefcases. Custom collections of assets can be created. Then the use can share a secure, expiring download link with users who are not members of the site.

Security. The entire site is behind a login, and registration is limited to certain approved domains.

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