Link Vault for ExpressionEngine - Config Variables

If you'd like to override the stored add-on settings, here is a list of configuration variables you can place in config.php.

Sample Code

$config['link_vault_salt']               = '3j4h5j6kd';
$config['link_vault_hidden_folder']      = '/local/files/';
$config['link_vault_leech_url']          = '';
$config['link_vault_missing_url']        = '';
$config['link_vault_block_leeching']     = 0;
$config['link_vault_log_leeching']       = 1;
$config['link_vault_log_link_clicks']    = 1;
$config['link_vault_debug']              = TRUE;
$config['link_vault_aws_access_key']     = 'MYAMAZONWEBSERVICESACCESSKEY';
$config['link_vault_aws_secret_key']     = 'thisismyamazonwebservicessecretkey';
$config['link_vault_aws_endpoint']       = '';
$config['link_vault_download_protocol']  = 'https';

This config variable determines the lifespan of an authenticated S3 URL in
$config['link_vault_s3_timeout']         = 3;

As of Link Vault v1.4.1, the S3 library will attempt to detect incorrect system
times when generating authenticated S3 URLs. Only use this config variable if
there are still problems with S3 URLs expiring too soon. The value may be a
positive or negative number of seconds.
$config['link_vault_s3_offset']  = 0;

Setting this to TRUE will exclude the content disposition response header
for S3 authenticated URL redirects. This results in images, pdfs and some
other files being presented in the browser rather than being downloaded.
$config['link_vault_s3_exclude_response_header'] = TRUE;