Link Vault for ExpressionEngine

Link Vault allows you to protect your local and external download links, track all downloads, track leech attempts, track hack attempts and protect any other links you’d like to hide.

{!-- Regular Examples --}
{exp:link_vault:download_link file_name="" entry_id="1234"}
{exp:link_vault:download_link file_name="" directory="misc-files/apps/"}
{exp:link_vault:download_link file_name="" text="Download Now!"}
{!-- Result: --}
<a href=";e=1928&amp;file=eomDdQoswRC%2FqjxKLXR2Te0hebW7dtx%2B">Download Now!</a>
{exp:link_vault:download_link file_name="" class="my-link-style"}
{exp:link_vault:download_link file_name="" url_only="true"}
{!-- Result: --}
<a href=";e=1928&amp;file=eomDdQoswRC%2FqjxKLXR2Te0hebW7dtx%2B">;e=1928&amp;file=eomDdQoswRC%2F...</a>
{exp:link_vault:download_link file_name="" url_only="true" action_only="true"}
{!-- Result: --}
{exp:link_vault:download_link file_path="mega/uploads/" entry_id="1234"}
{!-- Remote File Examples: --}
{exp:link_vault:download_link file_name="" text="view file" remote="true"}
{exp:link_vault:download_link file_name="" remote="true"}
{!-- Amazon S3 Examples --}
{exp:link_vault:download_link s3_bucket='images' file_path='animals/monkeys.png' text='Get Monkeys'}
{exp:link_vault:download_link s3_bucket='tutes' file_path='video.flv' cf:file_category='tutorial'}


Link Vault is a commercial add-on. You can purchase Link Vault for ExpressionEngine (2, 3, and 4) on

Buy Link Vault at ($45)


Support is provided in the devot:ee forums. Any support requests should be directed there first.

Installation & Updating

Link Vault uses the same codebase across each supported version of ExpressionEngine.

To install Link Vault for ExpressionEngine 2, place the link_vault directory into your system/expressionengine/third_party directory. From the control panel, navigate to the Modules screen and click the Install link in the Link Vault row.

To install Link Vault for ExpressionEngine 3 or 4, place the link_vault directory into your system/user/add-ons directory.


  • ExpressionEngine 2.7+ (the same download also works for EE 3 and EE4)
  • The Link Vault module and language files (included)

Custom Fields

It is possible to create custom fields for Link Vault that will allow you to store custom data in the link_vault_downloads table as well as the link_vault_leeches table. Custom fields can be created from the Link Vault module’s control panel by clicking the “Custom Fields” button at the top-right region in the main control panel page. From this page, you can delete existing custom fields or click the “Create new Custom Field” button to create a new one.