Proactive Site Care & Maintenance

A site is never finished. Optimize, update, improve, and monitor to get the most out of your investment.

Your website is an investment, not an expense, and it works for you, 24/7 - or it should. As your needs change, or web technologies change, or your competitors embrace something new, you'll need to stay on top of those to make sure you remain relevant and of interest to your potential clients.

You need to ensure that people can find your site, that it loads quickly and works on as many devices as possible, that it’s regularly backed up, that it’s regularly updated and patched to leverage speed increases and security improvements - and that you have someone you can contact that knows your site and your goals, and can take care of these key things.

You need a developer who is on your side and understands your project. You need a consultant that can advise and instruct so that you are making the most of your time and the investment you’ve put into your site. We are that developer.

Finding Masuga Design was a breakthrough for our business.

With Site Care, you’re making sure you get guaranteed development and consulting every month, from expert developers.

The cost of not having ongoing access and support from someone like us can be crippling. Compare the costs of our plans to the cost of hiring even a junior full-time developer to handle general maintenance and updates - and even then, that one person may not have a clue how to create actionable next steps from the monthly reports, or have anywhere near the experience we do with ExpressionEngine or Craft development.

Keeping a site up to date is not only critical for performance and security - an updated site makes it easier for us to make updates and improvements, because we know we’re working with the very latest codebases.

Site Care - Proactive Maintenance and Updates

Site Care includes the following:

  • Guaranteed development/consulting for regular site maintenance and updates, security patches (ExpressionEngine, Craft). Your site will be regular improved and maintained.
  • Priority response time. You get our highest attention.
  • Advanced site health/SEO reports including keyword monitoring (and including suggested action steps).
  • Advanced Uptime Monitoring and report (multiple checks). Proactive response.
  • Off-site backups (daily)
  • Efficient, expert developers handling your requests via organized, efficient project management

The cost of not keeping your site up-to-date with proactive maintenance can be big. If your site's codebase get outdated, and users are visiting you with newer browsers and devices, you might be delivering them a degraded experience that will then be hard for the developers to update.

They are magic! Their knowledge of ExpressionEngine takes our design and user experience to a new level.

Masuga Design is a great strategic partner for us. Their knowledge of ExpressionEngine is invaluable.


The monthly reports include:

  • Your overall website score
  • Optimization checklists for SEO, mobile, usability (In advanced reports, we can compare your competitors as well, and compare keywords)
  • Uptime report
  • Page Speed Insights
  • Steps taken over last month to optimize and improve the site

If you'd like to see a sample SEO health report, contact us and we’ll send you one at no charge so you can understand the type of report you will see every month.

We utilize professional applications for SEO health, backups and uptime monitoring that would cost you at least $200 month if signed up for individually - and would you know how to make heads or tails of the resulting reports? Would you know what actionable things could be done to improve your site as a result of the reports? Do you want to be notified when your site goes down, or if there is an issue with your server or SSL certificate? Of course not. You don’t have time for that - you have a business to run. That’s what we’re here for.

For far less than the cost of a full-time employee, you have a team of expert developers making sure your online investment is really, truly, working for you. Shouldn't your web developer be as invested in the health of your site as you are?

Contact us today to determine the best proactive site care plan for you, and to see if bundling with managed hosting makes sense. Masuga can be a reliable, single point of contact for you and your business, giving you peace of mind on nearly every aspect of your website.

Ryan and the team were clearly interested in understanding our organization, asked smart questions, and delivered exactly what they promised. My only regret is that we didn’t find them sooner.

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