Strategic Roadmapping

Roadmapping a path to success is an essential way to start every project off on the right foot, keeping your goals in mind.

We start nearly every new engagement with a roadmapping session (particularly if we’re looking to inherit a completed project).

Strategic roadmapping is a great low-risk way to hire us as a consultant on a small, fixed-price engagement to listen to your immediate needs and what you’re looking to accomplish and have us determine the best course of action for you based on your site, situation, and budget.

Sometimes they are comprehensive site reviews (see our ExpressionEngine Rescue) and sometimes they are much smaller in scope (What would it take to do X, Y and Z on my site? Is our site in good shape?)

Roadmapping allows us to deliver better estimates for you. It also give us a chance to interact with you and get familiar with your project while at the same time allowing us to provide value for you by giving you actionable advice from developers who are experts with ExpressionEngine and Craft.

Roadmapping never fails to result in a better, more successful project.

At the end of a roadmapping phase, you’ll have a clear idea what needs to be done, and we can then propose cost and timing. You are free to take the deliverables at that point and work with whomever you wish, although our hope would be that you see the value in working with us, and we can align budget with scope so that we can begin to make your project a success.

Contact us to have a skilled consultant help roadmap the next phase of your project.

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