Agency Partnerships

Bringing communication, expertise, development skills, and peace of mind to marketing agencies and design studios.

Over the years, we've done projects of all scopes and sizes. We've found that we work very well with marketing agencies as the web development partner they come to rely on to fill in a technical gap in their offerings.

The agencies we've successfully worked with typically have a stable of clients for whom they perform a number of services, but they don't always have the technical know-how or resources to execute what the client needs done for development. Agencies might not have in-house developers, or they might have a team that is simply stretched too thin. Either way:

That's where Masuga can help.

We do custom PHP development, front-end development (wireframing, responsive web design), and advanced content management implementations for agencies who couldn't otherwise confidently sell those services. We help from the planning and scoping stages all the way through the development and deployment (and love to take part in the inevitable high-fives).

The earlier we're involved, the better the technical requirement planning is…so the client has realistic expectations early on. We're also confident in making recommendations when we feel something could be better. We're never just a hired pair of hands. We are a partner.

If you're interested in finding a reliable partner to handle the programming and content management side of things, contact us today. Let's build your project together!

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