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Stand Desk Standing Desk

January 22, 2015 by Ryan Masuga

I bought a bamboo topped Stand Desk off Kickstarter - and actually got the product. Some Kickstarter items have yet to be delivered at all, so I was pretty amazed at how close it shipped to the promised shipping date.

The Stand Desk was delivered in two boxes, and took about an hour to assemble. It rises and lowers at the push of a button, which I've since found is ridiculously convenient.

This desk has four button memory control to store different heights. You adjust the desk to the height you want, and then hold the button down for five seconds to store that height in memory.

I made a quick walk-through video to show people what it's about.

Washers on Stand Desk

Added washers to the Stand Desk to stabilize front to back sway.

The only issue I had was the front to back swaying, not side-to-side. It didn't seem like the top was as fully attached as it should be - there was too much play. If I leaned on the desk, the tilting was enough to rock monitors.

So I purchased some washers and put one under each bolt. Once I did that, the desk was usable. Still a bit more sway than a stationary desk, but I've grown accustomed to it. I did not get the cross-bar option, and the company has mentioned on Twitter that they believe the cross bar would help with the swaying issue.

I spend more time standing than I do sitting now. When I do sit, I have to be conscious not to scoot in too far too fast or I'll bang my knees on the enclosure underneath the table top that houses the motor.

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